Real Beautiful Women

You may post photos of REAL beautiful women here - no photoshop touch ups, no professional lighting, no professional makeovers, only reality allowed. Also, please describe what makes you feel that this woman is beautiful. For example - do a lot of people say she's beautiful? Do a lot of people want to date her? Let's see what REAL beautiful women look like as opposed to the fake stuff in the media.

Photographer Rodney Bailey's pick
added on 04/16/09
Our official photographer Rodney Bailey ( chose to photograph this woman because in his opinion, she is beautiful. He found her in the streets of Georgetown in Washington DC.
Another Rodney Bailey pick
added on 04/16/09
Rodney also found one or both of these women to be beautiful.
added on 10/28/09
added on 10/28/09
added on 10/28/09
added on 10/28/09
Erin and Carmen
added on 10/28/09
added on 10/28/09
added on 10/28/09
The Joy of Life
added on 02/03/10
My Joy is,God family and friends. They made me do it. lol I guess not bad for 46, It would just be nice to meet a nice guy, for my happily ever after.
added on 03/01/10
Her name is Lindsay, but I find her so beautiful I cannot help but call her Sunshine when I am with her. She makes my soul smile
added on 01/14/12
She is naturally beautiful, warm & just overall a bundle of goodness in one. She hones inner and outer beauty
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