Sarah Palin the Beauty Queen

There is a reason why vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin wears glasses. She doesn’t want passes.

palin.jpgShe wants votes. However; no matter how much she tries to play it down, her beauty continues to haunt conversations in news stories, blogs, and youtube videos.

Why would she want to play down her beauty? Because at a certain level in an attractive woman’s career, a pretty face can be more of a burden than a boost. Whenever Ms. Palin is called a hottie, a VPILF or MILF, a babe; she is objectified, which compromises her perceived competence.

All of the women I interviewed expressed this same concern. Beautiful women are often stereotyped as conceited, superficial dumb broads who rely on their looks to get everything they want in life. How can you promote just another pretty face if that is all you see?

I imagine that Ms. Palin doesn’t walk around thinking she’s beautiful. She goes around thinking that she has issues to deal with in Alaska and now in the presidential campaign. She thinks about her children and her new baby. She thinks about her husband. Then out of the blue, she hears another comment about her beauty.

Some of the women in my film would probably find that annoying. Others would find joy in it. I wonder how Ms. Palin feels?

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