Update from Evonne

Many of you have expressed concern and interest about her life these days, so I asked her to write an update for you. She posted her update in the forums, but I thought it was significant enough to copy it here as a blog. I should explain that since the film, Evonne stopped dancing for a living. Also, her hands were shaking on the film because of some prescription medication she was taking - not anything illegal. She talks about her medical issues below. Here goes:

Liza asked me to write and give an update, as many viewers expressed concern for me and/or were wondering what I have been up to since filming ended. First, I'd like to thank those of you who were concerned. You had good reason to be, I was a mess when those interviews were taped!

I think it was touched on in the film, but right around the time of filming my husband left me for our neighbor then was killed in a motorcycle accident. His friends and family treated my very cruelly during this time, even going so far as to bar me from his funeral. I had done nothing to deserve that kind of response.

At the same time, I was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr and I'd also had a rather complicated sinus surgery in which a facial nerve was damaged leading to a horrible, 2 year addiction to serious painkillers like Dilaudid and Fentanyl. I was extremely depressed and felt absolutely hopeless and angry at the world. Shortly after filming, my cat BooBoo (who was in the film) died of cancer. She was all I had left and I fell apart.

After all of that crazy tragedy, I took stock of my life and realized that things could not continue as they were for one more minute. I checked myself into the hospital and detoxed for 7 days, finally getting off the was possibly the hardest thing I've ever had to do, both mentally and physically. I went back to church, got a job and 2 new baby kittens and I haven't taken painkillers for 3 years now!

I am still struggling to figure out what to do with my life as far as a career, and am still single, but happily single. One major difference from the film is that I now realize that it's OK to be alone...that I probably won't turn into the crazy cat lady I feared I would become...but even if I do, it's OK as long as I am content in my heart. I finally realize that I don't need someone else to make me complete, that I am just fine on my own.

In the film, I felt that I came across very "woe-is-me" and it was hard to watch myself looking so sad and hurt. Most of my opinions have not changed and I still feel that my looks and my subsequent reliance on them have been a destructive force throughout most of my teenage and adult life. Upon reflection after being a part of the film, I came to the conclusion that perhaps it is not whether or not one HAS beauty, but rather what one chooses to do with it.

- Evonne

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