Sarah Palin: Real Beauty vs. Fake Beauty

I don’t know what dress size Sarah Palin wears, but I suspect it’s not a size zero or two.

sarah_palin.jpgskinny_model.jpg She’s a normal sized woman. She wears glasses. She’s forty-four years old. Compare that image with the thinspirational anorexic fifteen year old fashion magazine models that wear gobs of makeup. Do you see the discrepancy?

I’m not trying to make another women's body issues commercial for Dove. Dove is trying to redefine what is considered beautiful. I made a documentary about what the truth is NOW. In everyday life, the healthier definition of beauty is already a reality. We just need to point that out.

When trying to find “beautiful” women to interview for “Beauty: In the Eyes of the Beheld,” I took referrals. The women who were referred to me as "classic beauties" came in all different sizes. Some were skinny, some were heavier, some short, some tall. See my blog called "The Definition of Beauty" below.

All the people who call Ms. Palin beautiful are not trying to change our perception of beauty. They are everyday people expressing their true opinion. This is reality, folks. Embrace it and love your body!

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